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Fatigue Management & Sleep Solutions Australia provides expert, scientifically based, and operationally practical training programs, consulting services and technologies to minimise and manage fatigue-related risk.

Adapting to COVID-19

Workplace conditions have transformed rapidly in response to the impact of COVID-19 and fatigue management approaches must adapt to address new and evolving risks.

For healthcare and other essential service providers, fatigue risks have been exacerbated by the concurrent impact of extreme workloads/stress, and reduced staff availability due to illness, quarantine or carer duties.

Many people now working from home face novel challenges, including fulfilling both work and family responsibilities, and remote work. Research has also shown that more people are sleeping poorly during the pandemic than before due to stress, anxiety, job changes and financial distress. 

People are experiencing, and will continue to experience, fatigue – we need to do everything possible to minimise the adverse consequences on the health and safety of workers and the broader community, and to reduce the likelihood of staff burnout.

FMSSA and partners offer targeted expert consulting services, flexible and accessible training options and cutting-edge technologies to assist organisations impacted by COVID-19 to mitigate and manage fatigue risks.

Our focus is threefold:


Development and implementation of customised fatigue risk management systems.



Tools and technologies for maximising alertness and mitigating fatigue risk.


Flexible and accessible fatigue management and sleep health training packages.

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