Fatigue Management





Our passion is providing customised, engaging and effective training packages to address fatigue-related risks. Our standard training packages can also be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation or group. As well as face-to-face and train-the-trainer delivery modes, we have options available for online training via our own learning management system, or developed for your organisation’s LMS.

Fatigue Awareness

This presentation is designed to provide a general understanding of the fundamentals of fatigue, including definition, causes, consequences and signs of fatigue. It will also cover driver fatigue, sleep and the body clock, the shared nature of fatigue management, personal fatigue countermeasures, nutrition and hydration, tips to improve sleep and common sleep disorders. It is suited to general personnel, administrative staff, and those who do not work shifts or undertake safety-critical work. This training package can also be adapted to be utilised as an induction course, refresher training module or toolbox talks. 

Sleep Management

This presentation focuses on the importance of regular, good quality sleep for overall health and well-being. The aims are (1) educate participants on the function of sleep, types of sleep, the role of the body clock, sleep disorders, fatigue, and individual differences, and (2) provide practical tips to improve sleep and minimise fatigue. This course is suited to general personnel and community groups.


Sleep for Health and Wellbeing

This short presentation is perfect for general awareness-raising relating to sleep and fatigue, including Health and Wellness sessions and Safety Days.

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