FMI – Fatigue Management International

We partner with Fatigue Management International to provide the unique, patented ASTiD technology to monitor the real-time potential for driver fatigue impairment.

Fatigue RADAR®

  • Real-time quick assessment tools to measure and monitor fatigue risk in workers, including Alertness Self-Assessment Tool and Supervisor Fatigue Assessment Tool
  • Saves time and reduces the labour burden of implementing a paper-based system to document and record fatigue assessments
  • Captures and transmits data in real time, provides automatic notifications of high fatigue risk ratings
  • Individuals receive an immediate fatigue risk rating, with high risk results triggering selection of control measures to be implemented
  • Secure back-end reporting system to track and analyse trends


The ASTiD (Advisory System for Tired Drivers) system provides the only predictive, non-invasive and unobtrusive technology currently available to identify the probability of an individual experiencing fatigue. It provides an invaluable objective measure of fatigue to complement subjective assessments which may not be accurate – one of the consequences of being fatigued is that your self-assessment of how tired you are is impaired. ASTiD is currently being used successfully in mining and transport operations around the world.

ASTiD was developed by Professor Jim Horne and his team of sleep scientists at the world renowned Loughborough Sleep Research Centre in the UK. The technology has been both scientifically and operationally validated. It has been designed to identify the early signs of driver fatigue so that the risk can be assessed and action taken before the individual reaches more dangerous levels of fatigue.

Click here to visit the ASTiD website.

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